Is Your Marriage a Priority?

Over the last 13 years working in Northwest Arkansas I can say that working with couples and families is one of my favorite things to do.  It is exciting to see a family strengthened, become more stable, more committed and just be able to enjoy life together!  

Strong families are built on strong principles.  All families are different but I find that most strong families are built on commitment, sacrifice and love just to name a few.  Recently I have been working with families through a flexible yet systematic approach that sets them on a path towards greater stability.  I love to dig down and work extensively with marriages and families to help make them stronger.

I rarely see a marriage that is absolutely hopeless.  I see people that don’t know what to do to move forward or on some occasions they have an idea of what to do, but aren’t willing to make the sacrifices necessary to make the marriage work.  There is almost always a pathway that can be taken to save a marriage.

Working to sustain a marriage can be difficult especially if the couple has waited to get help as a last resort before divorce.  You might say this is like never changing your oil or doing any maintenance on your car then taking it to the mechanic right before it is about to die asking for help.  That maybe a crude analogy but I think it gets the point across.  A marriage is something that takes effort to maintain and keep healthy.  You can bet that anyone you know that has an authentically healthy marriage has made their marriage a priority in their life.

Making something a priority means that we are always paying attention to it, that we know its current condition and are taking steps to bring it into optimal working condition.  We care for it and we don’t take it for granted.

Oftentimes we take our marriage for granted and get sidetracked by life.  Life is very distracting and time consuming!  I don’t know how many couples I have worked with that ‘can’t’ find the time to work on their marriage.  This usually is an issue with someone’s priorities or their willingness to sacrifice for the relationship.  Sometimes we need to re-prioritize our lives; take a step back and assess what are our actions building in ourselves, our spouse, our kids and our community.  There are times when you have to push life back and make the time to work on a marriage no matter what the current state of it might be.

The family is the foundation of society and as a foundation it is important that it is strong, stable and able to hold weight.  It is important that we build strong families.  Marriages won’t be strong unless we make them a priority.  I cannot name one instance where I have found a strong marriage where it was not a priority in their life.

Webster’s dictionary defines priority as ‘something that is more important than other things and that needs to be done or dealt with first’.

If the marriage is a priority then the marriage will likely succeed.  To begin assessing whether or not you have a strong marriage I believe this is a good starting point.  Let’s all ask ourselves the question ‘Is my marriage a priority?’. 

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